Cholesterol Myths

Knocking Down Myths about Cholesterol

At Cardiosmile we spend quite some time knocking down myths about cholesterol. You should know that not all fats are harmful, and that it is not necessary to completely eliminate cholesterol from our bodies.

These are the words of Gonzalo Vega, specialist and creator of the natural cholesterol-lowering treatment, Cardiosmile. We demystify some beliefs related to this topic. 


Myth #1: Cholesterol must be eliminated in its entirety

“We must consider that cholesterol is divided into two types: good (HDL), which removes excess cholesterol; and bad (LDL), which is the one that tends to accumulate in the arteries. “

Regarding the above, it is essential to know that excess bad cholesterol forms a fat plate. This adheres to the arterial walls, thickening, hardening and narrowing the blood vessels to hinder the correct passage of blood. The expert warns : “If this blockage occurs, your body is at risk of developing heart or brain vascular diseases,” 

Myth #2: Fat is the main source of cholesterol


seeds grains vegetables and salmon

False. The main source of cholesterol in the blood is produced internally in the liver. In addition, the specialist clarifies that not all fats are harmful and that some are necessary for proper body functioning.

Despite the above, excessive consumption of unhealthy fats can cause an increase in bad cholesterol, preventing the action of good cholesterol. These are the so-called trans fat of industrial origin. They are present in processed foods such as snacks, cookies and margarine. A diet rich in this type of fat results in excess weight, obesity and a high risk of cardiovascular, metabolic and joint diseases.

Myth #3: Thin people do not have high cholesterol

False. “While there is a correlation between body fat and cholesterol levels, thin people may also suffer from high cholesterol, as well as an overweight person could have their cholesterol at healthy levels.”

The percentage of cholesterol of each person will depend on his/her lifestyle, for example if they do not exercise regularly, if they smoke, or if they exceed the consumption of alcohol.

Myth #4: Adequate cholesterol levels are recovered only with medication

False. The vast majority of cases in which there is an imbalance of cholesterol this  can be corrected practicing sports, quitting smoking and maintaining a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins and fats and favoring natural foods rich in nutrients.

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