What is Cardiosmile?

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Cardiosmile is an innovation that allows you to add plant sterols (phytosterols) directly to any food you choose, without adding any extra fat.

Food products on the market with added plant sterols, such as fortified margarines or dairy products, also have added fat and calories. Using Cardiosmile on a daily basis is a Natural Approach to Healthy Cholesterol Management, all without any extra calories.

Each stick pack of Cardiosmile has 2000 mg of plant sterols (phytosterols) in water. 2000 mg is the recommended daily amount by the US National Institute of Health in its Therapeutic Lifestyle Change guidelines to help reduce dietary cholesterol. Cardiosmile's results can be observed after 28 days of consumption.(*)

Cardiosmile is a unique product that has been shown to contribute to the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides*. Its convenience and ease of use stands out: each box of Cardiosmile contains 30 sachets (a 1 month supply).

(*) According to the peer-reviewed clinical study of Amir Shaghaghi, J.Funct.Food 2014, 280-289.


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Cardiosmile is the only natural product available in the market that contributes to reduce LDL cholesterol by 12% and triglycerides by 14% * Cardiosmile is the only product in the world that simply contains plant sterols in water, all while being free from gluten, fat, sugar, sodium, and lactose.
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According to a clinical study conducted at the University of Manitoba, Canada, subjects who took Cardiosmile demonstrated long-term results after 28 days of consuming only one sachet of Cardiosmile a day.
Thanks to its versatility, you only need to add a Cardiosmile sachet daily to the food you prefer. And as it does not contain any taste or smell, Cardiosmile won’t change the taste of your meals.
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Each sachet of Cardiosmile contains 2 g of phytosterols, the recommended daily portion to contribute to the reduction of cholesterol levels.


What is Cardiosmile: Plant Sterols Dietary Supplement for Heart and Metabolic Health?

Cardiosmile is a Chilean innovation that allows 2 grams of plant sterols to be added directly to a food through a pure liquid formulation. The Cardiosmile formula is free of calories, gluten, lactose, sodium and genetically modified organisms. Cardiosmile is the only formulation of nanodispersed plant sterols in the world that, in addition to helping to reduce cholesterol by 12%, reduces triglycerides by 14%** and abdominal circumference. *

* Amir Shaghaghi, et al. 2014. J Funct Foods. 6:280-289
** Plat et,al. 2019. Prog. Lipid Res. 74:87-102. Palmeiro, et al. 2020. Nutrients, 12(8): 2392.